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Wrapping Services

1 At Expoze Pty Ltd we provide private and commercial wrapping services, No matter how big or small the job rest assure that we will provide with the best wrapping services available to your need. Wrapping your commercial vehicle is the best advertisement for your business, your business advertisement will be available 24/7 around the year for at least 5 years at no extra cost. We use the best technology available in the market in order to provide our clients with the best materials that are durable against all environment elements, In addition to that we custom design your wrapping prior to the installation, we will provide a visual mock up of the wrapping, we will keep doing designs until you are satisfied 100% with the artwork prior to the installation. We will also advise about product quality and warranties according to your budget.

Vehicle Wrapping

2 Your vehicle (Private or Commercial) can be completely or partial wrapped, for private vehicle you can change the colour of the car by using exotic colours like camouflage or chrome vinyl with a touch of carbon fibre to enhance the looks of your most loved vehicle. Commercially you can advertise your product through out the whole vehicle creating a mobile billboard or you can partially cover your commercial vehicle and adding some decals and vinyl lettering on the other part of your vehicle. The vinyl used for the wrapping will not damage your vehicle paint, infant it will preserve it from environmental elements, keeping the paint as it first came out from the factory (provided the underlying paint is sound).

Marine Wrapping

3 Boats can be wrapped too, first of all your boat will be personalised to your personal preference either having some graphics about your preferred fishing top or by just creating an amazing look of your boat. Secondly it is low cost, as little as a third of the cost of a professional spray job, vinyl boat wrapping is an incredibly cost-effective alternative to marine painting also it is fast vinyl boat wraps can usually be done in a day or two. That means you’ll massively cut down on yard time, reducing the total cost even further. Finally repairing it is a no-fuss If your vinyl boat wrap gets scratched or dented, there’s no need to re-wrap the whole hull. Most repairs can be done with a simple patch, and you can even do it yourself.

Motorcycle Wrapping

4 Indefinite possibilities with our wrapping service for your motorcycles, You can fully wrap your motorcycle and create astonishing designs that will definite stand out from the crowd. We can also create simple decal according to your taste and budget, all our design will be first implemented on the computer to see how the final product will be in real life. The vinyl wrap will not damage your paint instead it will protect it for the period the wrap is used and one you are bored from the design you can easily remove it or replace it with another design. The cost involved is cheaper and quicker than airbrush or paint.



It is easy to stand with crowd, but it takes courage to stand out! What are you waiting for contact us!!

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Partial Wrap Design

Mini cooper
Now you can enjoy a partial wrap with vibrant colors and crisp images on your loved vehicle, tell us what you have in mind and we will convert that idea to reality. We use premium vinyl wrap for your peace of mind.

Interior Wrap

mazda 2 interrior expoze
Are you bored from the interior of your car? or perhaps you want to cover those scratches from wear and tear? bring your vehicle to us and we will transform those dull interiors back to life again.

Simple Decals

Yamaha Decals
Are you missing out on some decals? No worries at Expoze we can create astonishing new decals according to your taste and budget, no job is to small for us! call us for an appointment.